We used to say we were sisters (video, 2013)

About We used to say we were sisters

Lila was 25 when the Argentina Anticommunist Alliance riddled ‘el Gringo’  with bullets. He was the guerrillacommander of her Montonero combat unit. Today, 39 years later, she sets out to look for ‘María’, his girlfriend. Although during those years they pretended to be sisters, Lila is not even sure of María’s real name.

How do you talk about a time in which you weren’t allowed to talk? How do you recognise comrades you only got to know in the underground? In this documentary from photo journalist Sam Verhaert, two people who never thought they would meet again, look for answers.

‘We used to say we were sisters’ was produced for the Diploma on Visual Storytelling and New Media (Pedro Meyer Foundation / World Press Photo). cc 2013.


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